"ZHONGWEN" is a web application developed by FJ4U Consulting LLC to help students learn Chinese as heritage language. The reference textbooks are described here. The application mainly consists of several sets of flashcards and quiz games, convering materials from the textbooks and other classical sources as well. Logged in users will be able to create their own sets of flashcard and access some personalized flashcards features ( e.g. putting cards into "Red" or "Green" decks) and to submit game scores.

Earning ZHONGWEN points

Logged in users has the opportunity to earn ZHONGWEN points as a way to show your interests and devotion to learning Chinese. For flashcards, each click on "Red" or "Green" button earns you one point. For Quiz game, each correct answer will earn you at least 5 points if not stated otherwise in the game when you submit your score. More interestingly, you can reward other users with the points you earned. So parents, come online to earn points and reward your kids! With more ZHONGWEN points, you will collect more precious coins !

Paypal donation is welcome!

FJ4U Consulting LLC helped to build websites for non-profit organizations such as Ivy Chinese Academy and Carolinas Chinese American Civic Center . FJ4U is committed to develop more free online tools to help students and community learn Chinese. We welcome and appreciate you to donate any amount of money to help us cover the server maintenence and upgrade cost. If you are a registered user, we will give you 1000 ZHONGWEN points for every $10 donation :-).